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How far did Milos Raonic run during the Australian Open?

Canada’s top tennis star, Milos Raonic, was eliminated from the Australian Open on Friday bowing out to Andy Murray in five sets. No Canadian man has ever made the final of a Grand Slam tournament.

Sporting the sleeve — or as runner’s call them, arm warmers — has become Raonic’s signature accessory with fans rallying behind the #BelieveInTheSleeve campaign on Twitter.

Of course, we had the following question in mind:

How much distance did Raonic cover at the Australian Open?

Since much of a tennis player’s movement is lateral, some of the distance covered is through running and some through shuffling side-to-side.

Milos Raonic

Raonic and his opponent Murray covered almost identical distances throughout the match, both averaging 9.1 metres per point.

Throughout the tournament (six rounds including the semi-final) Raonic covered approximately 13.07 kilometres. Raonic covered nearly 3K (his busiest match in terms of movement) playing Switzerland’s Stan Wawrinka in the fourth round of action.

How does 3K compare to an average game or match in other sports?

According to Gizmodo, basketball players can run as far as 4K during a game while soccer players have been tracked to have run distance upwards of 15K in a single 90-minute match.