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Helmets we love: Rudy Project Wing57


The Rudy Project Wing57 is a helmet you’ll see out on the course at any triathlon. As a leader in the industry, Rudy Project consistently tops the counts for helmets at Kona and in 2015, the short-tailed Wing57 was one of their most popular models on the field.

What makes the Wing57 worth checking out? It’s lightweight, includes a fully-integrated and removable visor and has some of the company’s best aero technology.


Tested in Italy’s famous wind tunnel, the Pininfarina, the Wing57 was designed with one goal in mind — to be the world’s fastest aero helmet.

According to Rudy Project, the helmet’s centre of aerodynamic pressure has been moved forward to better match the centre of gravity of the head. This creates better weight balance in the case of crosswind force. The newly designed air vents are designed to help straighten the airflow at the rear of the helmet.

The Wing57’s dorsal ridge was inspired by sharks. It was designed to turn sideways air force into forward force, thus reducing drag.

The Wing57 has a customizable feature depending on your specific body composition. For maximum aero efficiency, it comes with an attachable jet stream tail for those with a flat back as opposed to curved back when riding in aero position. This feature is an upgrade from the brand’s popular Wingspan TT helmet.

FullSizeRender (10)Ventilation and optical shield

The helmet offers increased ventilation from similar models out there. At the front, there’s space for vent inserts so you can ride with them plugged, vented or wide open depending on the temperature.

The helmet’s attachable visor is a great added feature, but isn’t that easy to insert and appears fragile.

The Wing57 weighs in at just 300 grams — impeccably light yet still effective in the case of a crash. It runs at $500 USD but since it’s been available for almost three years now, Rudy Project now offers it at a sale price on their website.