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Flooding in Madison leads to bike course change

IRONMAN Wisconsin on high alter after weeks of rain and flooding

Austin Eppli with Gebhardt Development setting up barricades on Livingston Street and East Washington Ave. in Madison, WI (Steve Apps/Wisconsin State Journal via AP)

Over the past few weeks, Madison, WI, has had heavy rains and lots of flooding. So much so, IRONMAN Wisconsin has been on high alert for a course change or possible change of format.

Yesterday, IRONMAN announced that they’re going to be rerouting a section of the bike course due to flooding. The first and last three miles now will look a bit different this weekend. At the moment, no changes have occurred to the swim or run course.

As of right now, the top priority for race officials is making sure the water is safe to swim in. For the past two weeks, officials have been removing debris and testing the water for E. coli. In the Wisconsin State Journal article by Dennis Punzel, Ryan Lobato (coordinator of communications for IRONMAN) said, “Our operations team is continuing to monitor everything on a daily basis.”

Barring any other final course changes, the 3.8K swim will take place in Lake Monona. Followed by a 180K bike ride in the Wisconsin countryside. It all finishes off with a marathon around downtown Madison.