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Five Inspiring Reads for Triathletes

Looking for your next great read? Why not combine two great activities – triathlon and reading – and get inspired with these five must-read books for triathletes. We’ve included triathlon classics, a motivational story for anyone and an essential training guide that will help get you motivated for the off-season.

10874803Iron War: Dave Scott, Mark Allen, and the Greatest Race Ever Run

Two great Ironman legends, Dave Scott and Mark Allen, pushed each other for years at Kona before the famous 1989 race during which they finished a mere 58 seconds apart. Written by Matt Fitzgerald, Iron War is hard to put down. Beyond recapping the riveting race, the book delves into each athlete’s journey to become one of the greatest triathletes ever.

One-Hour WorkoutsOne-hour_workouts_

Scott Molina, Amy White, Michael Jacques and Mark Newton collaborated to write a book that should be on every triathlete’s bookshelf. One-Hour Workouts provides diverse, fun and challenging workouts for swimming, cycling and running. The workouts cover different phases of training – base, speed and long distance work – and are all one hour in length so it’s easy to plan fitting one in during a busy day. If you’re ever stuck on what to do for a workout, simply flip through the pages and you’ll have plenty of ideas.

PowerOfOneThe Power of One

Written by Bryce Courtenay, many professional athletes call this book their bible though the timeless messages can be applied to all aspects of life. The first-person narrative tells the story of English-speaking, South African Peekay who overcomes a difficult childhood to become a welter-weight boxing champion. Set in the 1930s, the story takes place during the apartheid and as he overcomes adversity and rises up in his sport, Peekay faces many challenges including a final show-down with his childhood bully. The story deals with perseverance, mental strength and facing obstacles head-on.

17 Hours to Glory17HG_72dpi_400x600

The incredible, personal tales of professional and amateur triathletes in 17 Hours to Glory will get you thinking about racing an Ironman (if you haven’t already). Written by Mathias Müller and Timothy Carlson, this book is divided into individual stories so it’s a perfect one to keep on the go for a while. Julie Moss’ sheer determination to cross the finish line after her legs gave out and Team Hoyt‘s remarkable journey to becoming world-class athletes are just two of the inspiring stories. The characters face unique challenges along the way to the finish line, but each prove that we are all capable of getting there.

51cLPb1KR6L._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_You Are an Ironman

Arguably the most inspiring triathlon book of all time, You Are an Ironman is special because it follows the tales of six regular, everyday people who all individually attempt an Ironman despite having no prior triathlon experience. Jacque Steinberg tracks each athlete’s journey separately, though the stories are woven together throughout the book and each athlete’s journey culminates in their experience at Ironman Arizona. Each story is filled with joy and struggle and you’ll find yourself glued to the book as you wait to see what happens next. As you begin to understand each character, you’ll find yourself rooting for them the whole way.