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Is Craig Alexander Really Retiring?

Photo Credit: Delly Carr
Photo Credit: Delly Carr

In an interview with an Australian news source, Craig Alexander expanded on his announcement of retiring from Ironman. “There is a bit of sadness knowing that for whatever reason — diminishing ability or diminishing time — I am not able to compete at that level now,” he said yesterday.

“But I’m comfortable with the decision because I race to win and to perform, and if I can’t do it 100 per cent what’s the point?

But it’s unclear whether Alexander will continue to compete at the shorter distances. What is clear is that he will be spending more time with his three children the youngest of whom is just over a year old. He will also be devoting time to his coaching company which is clearly working well given his protégé Paul Matthews’ second place  performance at Ironman Melbourne on Sunday.

“My overwhelming emotion is gratitude — I’ve been helped by a lot of great people who have steered me in the right direction.”

As he prepared for the Melbourne race last year, in which he finished third, he told the Herald Sun he was determined not to continue racing past his prime.

“I’m certainly not turning up just to collect appearance fees,” he said. “I race to win. And when I can’t do that no-one will have to give me a boot in the bum to move on. I’ll be gone.”

Ironman has said it won’t yet formally say goodbye to the superstar because he is not fully retired.