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Asics challenges triathletes to #WantItMore

Asics has launched a new social media campaign encouraging athletes to “want it more” in their training with the hashtag #WantItMore. Asics’ athletes (including triathletes Daniela Ryf, Gwen Jorgensen and Jeff Symonds) have been promoting the campaign on their personal social media accounts, showing what they’re doing to work towards their goals this season.



What are you doing this year to #WantItMore this year? Have you committed to working on your weakness? Have you added strength work to your training? Are you waking up before the sun rises to get in an extra workout? Asics invites triathletes of all ages and levels to share their dedication to training this year through the campaign. For some extra motivation this week, we’ve got four ways you can “want it more” while striving to reach your goal this season.

1. Add a new drill to your swim workouts. Drills may not be the most fun, but they’ll help you reach your goals in any sport. Perfecting your technique is the key to faster swimming. Skills that build stroke power are most important for triathletes. Commit to incorporating one new drill into a swim workout each week to see improvement.

2. Try some speed work. Triathletes aiming for an early season, long course race are probably more focused on getting in distance right now, but don’t forget the importance of track workouts. Here are some track workouts to try. Doing speed work at least once per week is the best way to set yourself up for a run course PB this season.

3. Don’t forget the little things. It’s easy to get caught up in the major aspects of a training plan and overlook the little things like hydration. Set yourself up for success in your next race by practicing things like transitions, hydration strategy, nutrition and tapering. You may not need to practice them as frequently as you swim, bike and run but they’re just as important.

4. Train with others. Or if you do already, start training with someone new. One of the best parts of triathlon is the community. Find a new training partner and you may find yourself feeling more inspired and learning something new in your workouts.

Asics will post short training videos with their sponsored triathletes starting in early March. They also recently launched the latest version of their popular tri shoe, the Gel-Noosa Tri 11. Check out our review here.