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American triathlete and former pro accepts four-year doping ban for testosterone

Former American pro and current age-group triathlete Jason Smith has accepted a four year ban for testing positive for banned substance testosterone at an in-competition drug test after Ironman Texas, the 2016 North American Championship race. Smith provided a urine sample after his race on May 14th this year and at the time did not qualify for a Theraputic Use Exeption (TUE).

In a press release issued by Ironman on September 28th, the M-dot brand said that in accordance with World Anti-Doping Code (WADA Code), Smith has been sanctioned from competition and all his race results beginning Mat 14th, 2016 have been disqualified. He is ineligible to participate in any Ironman-affiliated competitions including the world championship and any other events under WADA Code. Smith, who competed in the 35 to 39 age-group at this year’s Ironman North American Championship in Texas, placed fourth in his division and 52nd overall in a time of 8:32:10.

Earlier this year, USADA announced two other doping cases among triathletes. Ashley Paulson, who now competes as a pro, accepted a six-month sanction after she tested positive for osarine in September, 2015. Pro Ivan Tutukin, originally from Russia, tested positive for banned substance meldonium in April.