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Review: Blueseventy Core Short

Much like a wetsuit, the Blueseventy Core Short provides triathletes with a seamless transition to wetsuit swimming.

Blueseventy’s buoyancy shorts – the Core Short – provide a lift to your hips and legs while swimming. This feeling mimics that of a pull-buoy without restricting the mechanics of your kick.

The Buoyancy Core Short was most effective when I did my swim workouts following a hard bike or run session. With the added lift of the shorts, I was able to still work on the mechanics and rhythm of my stroke without having to use a clunky pull-buoy or awkward flippers. Like a pull-buoy, the Blueseventy Core Short shifts your focus to your catch and pull. This piece of equipment would also be useful when doing race pace efforts in the build-up for an upcoming triathlon.

Blueseventy’s Core Short is designed with the same materials used in their high-end Helix wetsuit. The Core Short is created from 5mm Aerodome neoprene with flexible 3mm thick side panels. Designed to be durable and able to withstand hours of pool and open-water use, the Core Short is meant to be worn over a swimsuit.

While testing this product in the pool, I was most impressed with how flexible the shorts were. The neoprene did not hinder flip turns, and I could perform a variety of other swim strokes without any restriction.

I would exercise some caution though – the Blueseventy Core Short is fast. Reserve these buoyancy shorts for longer race simulation sets, post-bike/run swims and pre-race workouts.

The Blueseventy Core Short is a unisex product and has an MSRP of $140.