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Polar’s new flagship multisport watch – the Vantage V2

New multisport watch from Polar offers impressive battery life, training features, and also serves as a smartwatch

Photo by: Polar

Figuring out which multisport watch is right for you just got even more complicated with the announcement that Polar has a new flagship multisport watch, the Vantage V2.

With a stylish, full-aluminum case, the new Vantage V2 weighs just 52 g – that’s over 21 per cent lighter than the Vantage V, and offers wrist-based HR measurement along with constant personal metrics on your training, recovery and sleep.

The new VantageV2 offers a whopping 40 hours of continuous training measurement with up to 100 hours of power saving options, so you can track all the data you need while swimming, biking and running. Whether you’re hitting the trails or some interesting new roads, you’re not likely to get lost thanks to the the available route guidance and maps with Komoot. Running power is measured directly from your wrist and there’s even a FuelWise app to provide fueling assistance during your workouts and races.

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You can track your progress with running and cycling performance tests that allow you to personalize your heart rate, speed and power zones. (The bike test also gives you your personal functional threshold power.) The Vantage V2 also measures your training load and recovery so you can dial in your training accordingly. There’s even a new leg recovery test that’ll help you figure out how you’re handling your training and when you’re ready to go hard again.

The Vantage V2 also serves as a smartwatch with new music controls so you can adjust the volume of your music right from your watch. It offers the same weather forecast option we found so impressive on the Grit X, and you get phone notifications pushed to your screen, too.

Once you are done your workout, you can keep track of all your training using the Polar Flow app, which allows you to track your training and analyze your results. The app also allows you to upload your data to platforms like TrainingPeaks and Strava.

You can easily customize the Vantage V2 with a variety of watch face options for daily use and while training, and the watch is available in three different colours – black, green and grey-lime. A small wrist band is available for $14, while different coloured bands are available for $50.

The new Vantage V2 will retail for $690 ($760 with the Polar H10 heart rate monitor strap). We’ll have a more detailed review when watches become available later this month.