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Four goggles for race day and training

— by Kevin Mackinnon

Whether you’re in a race, doing an open-water practice swim or training in a pool, there is nothing more annoying than a pair of goggles that don’t work. But leaky or foggy goggles don’t have to be a regular part of your swim training – finding a pair of properly-fitting, comfortable goggles are totally in your future, but it might take a bit of homework to get there. Finding a reputable store with lots of options to try is your first stop. Make sure you can create a seal around your eyes in the store before you take them home. Once you have found a style that works, stick with it. Here are a few models that, as long as they fit your face, are well worth a look for your 2019 training and racing season.

Tyr Tracer X Racing – $35

Performance is the name of the game with these low-profile goggles that feature a huge amount of peripheral vision, making them a great open water goggle in addition to being a comfortable option for pool swimming, too. The high-definition lenses ensure you’ll see things nice and clearly under the water, so you can enjoy the full 206 degrees of view afforded by the Tracer-X Racing goggles. Comfort is assured thanks to the liquid silicone gaskets and you can dial in the perfect fit thanks to the five removable nose bridges included.

Speedo Speed Socket 2.0 – $35

Those who are fans of an inner eye fit (as many competitive swimmers are) will love the Speed Socket 2.0 which offers the socket fit combined with increased peripheral vision, always a plus for open water swims. The sleek, low profile makes this a speedy goggle that will serve you well in the pool or while training or racing in open water, too. The hypo-allergenic comfort seals keep the goggles firmly and comfortably on your face, while the anti-fog lens offers UV protection, too, so you’ll remain comfortable as the sun comes up on race morning.

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Swans SR81 – $55 to $65 (regular, mirror or MIT)

The new SR81 goggles are slightly bigger than other Swans models, making them a great option for triathletes looking for a goggle that easily moves from pool to open water. The SR81 is extremely comfortable, but the big feature that separates these goggles from others is the vision. The anti-fog properties are excellent and the MIT technology, which sandwiches the mirror coating between two lenses, ensures you won’t have to deal with scratches to mar your vision come race day. Despite the larger size, the SR81 remains very sleek, so you’ll get the best of all worlds with these goggles – comfort, great vision and speed.

Blueseventy Flow – $TBD

Yeah, we know we said go and try on all the different goggles in a store to ensure you’ll get the right fit. Which you should do, for sure, but if there’s a goggle that’s more than likely going to work, it’ll be this new model from Blueseventy. The Flow has a very secure TPR gasket that will comfortably stay on your face without any leaking. The polycarbonate anti-scratch and anti-fog lenses are durable and provide excellent vision, while the flexible frame material and nosepiece fit almost every face. It’s really hard to go wrong with these goggles that simply get things done.