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Asics offers up a new all-rounder in the Gel Nimbus 25

The updated Nimbus is ideal for easy runs, recovery runs and long runs

Photo by: Nick Iwanyshyn

The Nimbus was the first pair of running shoes I remember owning–I ran my first-ever track race in a pair when I was 12. While I don’t currently use the Nimbus to race (I have since discovered spikes), they remain a go-to staple in my shoe lineup.

The Nimbus 25 is unlike any Nimbus you’ve seen before. It looks and feels different from its predecessors, while staying true to its roots–it remains a well-cushioned everyday trainer. With a redesigned upper, midsole and outsole, this shoe is one of the most comfortable I’ve ever worn.


Category: Neutral cushioning
Men’s: 292 g (10.3 oz.)
Women’s: 260 g (9.2 oz.)
Drop: 8 mm
Stack height: 41.5 mm (men), 40.5 mm (women)
MSRP: CAD $210
Available: February 1, 2023


The Nimbus 25’s lightweight knitted upper has a stretchy tongue that allows for a comfortable, snug fit, without too much movement (which can sometimes occur with an all-knit upper). There’s some extra padding around the collar for comfort and a malleable heel counter at the back of the shoe. Overall, there aren’t any hot spots or discomfort, and I found my foot stayed locked down throughout my run.

Photo: Nick Iwanyshyn


When it comes to the midsole, while the gel pad is no longer visible, the gel hasn’t disappeared; it’s now redistributed in one layer that sits between the FF Blast+ foam and the upper. This produces a well-cushioned and bouncy feel–exactly what you’re looking for on an easy day or long run.

One caution–the drop is a couple of millimeters lower than the previous model. Most runners won’t notice this change, but if you’ve had a history of Achilles tendon issues, it could be a factor.


The outsole has a new pattern that leaves some foam exposed, coupled with high-abrasion rubber in both the forefoot and rearfoot. This ensures there’s traction in key areas, no unnecessary extra weight.

Photo: Nick Iwanyshyn

Overall thoughts

I wore this shoe outside on a day when I’d typically use the treadmill–it was Dec. 26 in a small town, which means gyms are closed. So I headed out to do my long run in crummy conditions, but ended up having a great time, thanks partly to this shoe. I had great traction despite the conditions, and the shoe felt bouncy even after 70 minutes of running. My foot was completely comfortable, and even quite dry.

Photo: Nick Iwanyshyn

This is an ideal easy run shoe for someone who’s looking to invest in a few pairs, or a do-it-all shoe for the runner who likes to mix up their exercise routine. With its relatively flat bottom, the Nimbus is great to lift weights or cross train at the gym, as well as go for a run. The Nimbus 25 really does it all.