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Workout Wednesday: Speed intervals for the trainer

There's a benefit to riding the trainer year-round, even in the summer. Get some speed intervals in with this workout from coach Paul Duncan

The purpose of this workout is to target the upper limits of what your body is capable of doing on the bike.

This workout is best suited in the speed phase of training after you have already established a solid foundation of aerobic work for many weeks.

The workout here is meant to take about 90 minutes, however you can add on to the warm up if you would like the workout to last longer.

NOTE: The heart rate zones are based on the definitions written my most recent article, found here. Please read this article if you are unsure of how I am defining these zones.

Warm up:
Ride for 30-45 minutes at ZR/Z1. This is just very easy riding. I suggest starting the first 15 minutes in ZR, and increasing the effort into Z1 as you feel after that. No need to rush through the warm up here. Take your time.

Main Set: 
3x(10 minutes @ Z3 followed by 5minutes @ recovery pace, ZR)
1x(5 minutes @ BSE followed by 2.5 minutes recovery pace, ZR)
5x(1 minute BSE, 1 minutes recovery pace, ZR)

Cool Down: Cool down for 20+ minutes.

ZR = Recovery Zone

About the author:

Paul is a United States Army Veteran,  USAT Certified Coach, QT2 Systems Level 1 Coach, and OutRival Racing Level 3 coach.

Paul also competes in triathlon and running events in his spare time.

  • 70.3 PR (4:24:26)
    140.6 PR – (9:51:53
  • Half Marathon – (1:24:21 open)
  • Marathon – (2:57:27
To learn more about Paul, go to www.qt2systems.com/coach-paul-duncan/