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Workout Wednesday: Mid-week brick

A 90-minute brick you can do mid-week on the trainer

It’s time for a good ‘ol bike/run workout. There are a ton of different brick sessions that people do. Sometimes people do a very hard and short bike session with a fast run off and other times the bike might be a bit longer with a run off. No matter what your brick workout is, you want to get those legs tired on the bike so that you can start your run with heavy legs just like you would in a race.

The following brick session is a short and hard bike workout, followed by a short run with some hard efforts. This would be a great workout to do before work because it is only 90 minutes long, but it’s a hard workout.

Bike: 60 minutes total

  • Warm up: 15 minutes- make sure you do a couple of 30 second hard intervals to get your legs moving
  • Main set:  10 x 2 minutes hard with 2 minutes easy- the 2 minutes hard should be HARD!
  • 5 minutes easy

Run off: 30 minutes total

  • 1k steady, 1k fast, and the rest easy