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How to watch Challenge Samorin live this weekend

Credit: James Mitchell

Challenge Samorin, known as the Championship race, goes this weekend on Sunday, June 3rd. It is the second iteration of the race, and it will again be held at the spectacular x-bionic® sphere in Samorin, Slovakia. The race attracts some of the sports top athletes including returning champions, Canadian Lionel Sanders and the young Brit Lucy Charles.

The course, a middle-distance race (1.9km swim, 90km bike and 21.1km run), has been meticulously designed so that the start, transition and finishing stages of the race each give spectators outstanding views of the x-bionic® sphere.

Credit: James Mitchell

Now unfortunately not all of us are able to jump on a plane and watch the race live. Fortunately, the race is being live streamed on the Challenge Family website. Click here for the live stream. Last year a global audience of 100,000 tuned in to the action, and it is expected many more will tune in as the Challenge Family sets a new standard for triathlon.

CEO of  CHALLENGEFAMILY, Zibi Szlufcik, says: “CHALLENGEFAMILY has always championed the support of triathlon fans worldwide, and our live stream of THECHAMPIONSHIP 2018 gives those who cannot make it to Samorin, the chance to follow the pro athletes and AG athletes live as they compete.”