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VIDEO: German man swim commutes to work everyday

Run- or bike-commuting we've all heard of, but have you ever heard of swim-commuting?

A man has figured out a way to completely avoid traffic and other hold-ups on his way to work everyday. Benjamin David swims 2 km in the Isar River in Bavaria, Germany each day to get to and from work, making him the first person we’ve ever heard of who “swim commutes”. In the summer, he can easily swim both ways. In the winter, sometimes he still swims with a wetsuit. David puts his belongings in a sack designed for swim-commuting. It keeps things dry thanks to a strong seal, and holds air so it also doubles as a rescue buoy.

The Isar River originates in the Alps and joins the Danube. David checks water temperature, currents, etc. before his commute and he wears rubber sandals in the water so he can protect his feet when getting out.

“The traffic on the road next to the Isar is so wild that it is no fun,” he told the BBC. “When I’m swimming, I am indeed quicker and also more relaxed.”