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Which triathlete earned the most prize money in 2016?

USA Triathlon releases total pro prize money earnings across the sport for 2016. Flora Duffy tops the chart.


USA Triathlon has published a database through which users can view pro prize money across the sport for 2016. The list reveals that Flora Duffy took away the most in prize money for the 2016 calendar year, topping the chart at $224,125 USD. Users can search for individual athletes and also view results through ITU or non-ITU filters.

USA Triathlon says that, “Available data is captured monthly from various published web sources and, as such, USA Triathlon does not guarantee 100% accuracy.” Totals include prize money only — the numbers listed do not include income from sponsorship, National Federations or other sources.

By clicking on the athletes name, you can see the exact prize money they took away from individual races.

Top 10 prize money earnings in 2016

1. Flora Duffy (Bermuda) — $224,125

2. Gwen Jorgensen (USA) — $201,065

3. Mario Mola (Spain) — $187,300

4. Daniela Ryf (Switzerland) — $179,532

5. Jan Frodeno (Germany) — $159,282

6. Jonathan Brownlee (GB) — $142,513

7. Sebastian Kienle (Germany) — $139,750

8. Richard Murray (South Africa) — $128,250

9. Lionel Sanders (Canada) — $110,000

10. Holly Lawrence (GB) — $110,000

View the full database here.