American wheel manufacturer, Zipp, has updated their Firecrest aero wheel line for 2018. The wheels offer greater speed, lighter weight, more control and better stopping. What more can you ask?

303 Firecrest CCL RB

Zipp’s Firecrest carbon clincher rim-brake wheels now offer the best in aerodynamics and control across their most popular rim depths.

  • 303 Firecrest: 45mm depth rims, this wheel is for the all round performer, ready for the mountains of BC or the flats of Saskatchewan
  • 404 Firecrest: 58mm depth rims, this wheel is Zipp’s all time best seller, as it is all about aero, ideal for triathletes
  • 808 Firecrest: 82mm depth rims, this wheel is preferred by those looking for those incremental gains
404 Firecrest CCL RB

The new technology involved in the Firecrest carbon clincher rim-brake wheels includes;

  • Revised rim profile for reduced aerodynamic drag and greater speed
  • ABLC™ Sawtooth™ Technology, which is a complex dimpling pattern on the rims that reduces high yaw drag and improves crosswind stability
  • Zipp’s ShowStopper™ textured braking surface delivers exceptional braking performance in all weather conditions
  • At each rim depth, the new Firecrest rim brake wheelset is lighter than its predecessor
808 Firecrest CCL RB

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