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Triathlete banned from all-you-can-eat restaurant

After training, sometimes all you want to do is eat and eat some more. A German triathlete did just that.

Triathlete banned after eating nearly 100 plates of sushi. Photo by www.sueddeutsch.de.

After a hard day of training it’s easy to eat a lot. Jaroslav Bobrowski, a German triathlete and Ironman competitor, did just that. The Local reports that Bobrowski sat down at the Running Sushi (an all-you-can-eat restaurant) in Landshut, Bavaria and ate a never-ending meal.

After reportedly finishing nearly 100 plates of fish, the former bodybuilder and current triathlete paid his 15.90 euros for the buffet and left. “When I went to the checkout, I wanted to tip, but the waiter did not want to accept that,” Bobrowski said to The Local.

The owner of the restaurant was in shock when asked about the incident. “He eats for five people. That is not normal,” the restaurant owner told the Passauer Neue Presse.

Bobrowski follows an extreme diet where he doesn’t eat for 20 hours and then eats “until I’m full,” according to The Local. The “until I’m full” is what caused the restaurant to ban the triathlete. The owner told Bobrowski personally that he was no longer allowed to eat there because of his costly habits (costly it seems for the restaurant).

“I’m banned from now on because I’m eating too much,” Bobrowski told the Local. “I was stunned,” he added, before saying he had been a regular at Running Sushi.