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Robin Williams’ children auction off his superbikes at San Diego Triathlon in support of charity

Day two of the San Diego Triathlon, which takes place today, had a special angle this year as the late actor Robin Williams’ children presented a charity grant they put together with money raised from auctioning off their father’s superbikes.

Williams was a great supporter of the Challenged Athletes Foundation, the group responsible for putting on this year’s San Diego Triathlon. With some of the money raised from auctioning off bikes from his large collection, his children put together the grant which will support three challenged athletes.

The actor was an avid cyclist and had an expansive bike collection that included Lance Armstrong’s Trek Madone road bike ridden during his days on the Discovery Channel pro team.

“He had such a passion for the sport and the bicycle,” said Williams’s friend Jim Ochowicz, a former pro cyclist, to the Wall Street Journal. “He loved the colors, the design, the engineering. When I rode with him, he’d often be on another bike, and I’d be like, ‘Whoa, where is that one from?’”

Williams’ collection also includes a coveted, retro Zipp 1000 aero bike (seen below) — an iconic bike in the triathlon world from the sport’s early days.