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Original IMWC podium finisher Dave Orlowski to complete original course for 40th anniversay

February 18th, 2018 marks the original race's 40th anniversary.

According to Twitter, Dave Orlowski, one of the original 15 Ironman athletes and the third place finisher of the inaugural Ironman World Championship held on February 18, 1978, is currently getting ready to do the original Ironman course in Oahu, Hawaii on Sunday, February 18 to mark the race’s 40th anniversary.

Orlowski, a retired detective who did the same thing for the race’s 30th anniversary, is right now on the island of Oahu preparing for his feat on Sunday (the Ironman World Championship is now held on the Big Island in Kona, where it switched to in 1981). Pictured above is the bike he raced on, a borrowed Sears Free Spirit bicycle that he’d ridden a no more than 30 miles on. He raced in a pair of cut-off jeans was so he could carry some cash to buy some food along the way.

“I tried to keep eating bananas and oranges,” Orlowski said of the race, in an interview in 2011 “But I also stopped at McDonalds. A Big Mac, fries and a shake. There was lots of Coke and Hershey Bars, too.”

 He would finish third to Gordon Haller and John Dunbar in a time of 13:39:13.

There isn’t too much info right now about Orlowski’s race on Sunday right now, but stay tuned for photos and results.