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Mario Mola accuses Alistair Brownlee of obstructing him during swim at WTS Cozumel

Credit: Delly Carr
Credit: Delly Carr

There’s been no shortage of drama after the elite men’s race on Sunday at WTS Cozumel, during which Alistair Brownlee assisted his struggling brother Jonathan across the finish line. Yesterday, the Spanish Triathlon Federation announced they have submitted a second appeal to the ITU Arbitral Tribunal to have the Brownlee brothers’ results disqualified after their first appeal was turned down, arguing the younger Brownlee received an unfair advantage. Now, reports have emerged that Spain’s Mario Mola has accused the older Brownlee of impeding him during the swim portion of the race.

In an interview the world champion gave with Spanish radio station Cadena Copa, Mola says, “I don’t know who pulled off my cap and goggles during the swimming stage, but I am almost certain it was the older Brownlee,” Mola told Spanish radio station Cadena Cope, referring to Alistair.

Credit: Delly Carr
Spain’s Mario Mola and Fernando Alarza in T1. Credit: Delly Carr

“I would swear it was him because I looked to my left side from where the contact came and there was Alistair,” Mola continued. “I want to think it wasn’t intentional but it wouldn’t be the first time they [the Brownlees] tried to gain an unfair advantage.

“These people are good enough to win without pulling this kind of stupid stunt.”

Mola also said in his interview that while Jonathan congratulated him on his world champion title after the race, he didn’t get the same reaction from Alistair.

Credit: Delly Carr
Alistair Brownlee coming out of the water at WTS Cozumel. Credit: Delly Carr

“After the finish, Jonny Brownlee gave me his congratulations. With him I’ve always had a good relationship. Alistair, he didn’t give me any.”

According to official race results, Mola came out of the water 20 seconds back from Alistair Brownlee, who was one of the leaders coming into T1.