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Inspiration in action: Jackson Laundry bounces back from terrible bike crash at the Ironman 70.3 World Championship

TMC catches up with Guelph, Ont.'s Jackson Laundry as he battles back from a broken shoulder. Photos and a video interview with the inspirational Canadian star.

After breaking his shoulder crashing in the Alps at the Ironman 70.3 World Championship, Jackson Laundry is making an impressive recovery.

We caught up with Laundry at his home in Guelph to see for ourselves how well he’s recovering from what could have been a career-ending crash. Here’s an interview with did with the 26-year-old about the accident and his recovery:

Click here to see the full-length interview.

We also got to see Laundry in action through what has become a regular training day – lots of rehab exercises, along with time on the bike and out for a run. Surprisingly enough, even just three months after the accident Laundry has been in the water swimming.

Laundry’s scapula was shattered in the crash. He will be heading in for another surgery this week to remove a plate on his collar bone.
Laundry has worked painstakingly on his recovery …
We got to witness the first time he was able to get his right arm this high …
Laundry got back on the bike as soon as he could after the accident.
Doctor’s anticipate Laundry will make a full recovery.

We also got a chance to see Laundry out on the road, too.

The right arm and shoulder don’t swing as naturally as the left, but the surgery this week should help on that front.