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Daniel Clarke | Testing the new Dare2Tri MachV.5 wetsuit.

I recently got to test out a sample of the new Dare2Tri Mach V.5 wetsuit.  I followed the following test protocol:

Warm-up: 500 Steady, 8×50 strong w/ 0:20 rest
Test: 100 easy, 2×100 on 3:00
Repeat test with swimskin, Challenge 4Speed wetsuit, and MachV.5 wetsuit.
I would compare the suits based on my best 100.
My fastest 100s:
Speedo – 1:19.1
Swimskin – 1:18.6
Challenge 4 Speed – 1:14.5
MachV.5 – 1:11.6
The MachV.5 was 2.9 seconds faster!!!  I’m really excited to race in this wetsuit this year.
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