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Daniel Clarke: My nutritional breakthrough

This past week I had a nutrition breakthrough, and it was salt.  I know, I know, how is this a breakthrough?  Well, I had never given any consideration to salt, nor had I taken a salt pill before this past week.  I didn’t even know about salt pills when I started, and once I learned of them I figured I hadn’t used them to that point, so ‘if it aint broke dont fit it’.  Well at Ironman Mont Tremblant it broke, and I learned one big difference in that race from previous races is that they used Gatorade and not Gatorade Endurance (which has more sodium).  All of this is to say, my takeaway from this that could be helpful is just because something seems to be alright doesn’t mean it’s the best – don’t be afraid to experiment with your training and nutrition to see if a ‘better’ exists.

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