What does it take to lead a star-studded field of non-drafting triathletes through a world championship bike course? Olympian Ben Kanute made his 70.3 debut earlier this year and impressed the world on Sunday when he led out of the water and then for the 90 kilometres of the bike (and onto the run) at the Ironman 70.3 World Championship.

TrainingPeaks released Kanute’s power files from his race on Sunday. The bike course in Chattanooga was had some serious climbs (Heather Wurtele referred to it as the most difficult world championship course she has ever raced on). Kanute covered the 90K in 2:08:10 (the second fastest of the day after Sebastian Kienle’s 2:07:45). Here are the stats from his bike:

  • Bike split: 2:08:10
  • Training Stress Score: 174
  • Average Power: 325 watts
  • Normalized Power®: 334 watts
  • Watts/Kilogram: 4.78 w/kg
  • Average Speed: 26.1 mph
  • Average Cadence: 99 rpm
  • Intensity Factor®: .90
  • Variability Index®: 1.03

You can check full details on the workout’s interactive page, here.

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