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7 signs that you’ve finally become a triathlete

Think you're ready to call yourself a triathlete? Not so fast ...

Photo by: Kevin Mackinnon

You’ve been training for a while. You feel like you’re ready to complete your first race and tell the world that you’re a triathlete. But …

Not so fast, rookie. There’s a lot more to being a triathlete than simply having finished a swim, bike and run race. Here are seven signs you might have made it:

1. You have a pain cave

Have you stopped referring to your “basement” or “spare room?” Is it chock full of training equipment and gear? Are you spending hours there on your trainer or doing weights?

2. You are on a see food diet – everything you see, you eat

And, despite all this eating, people still ask you if you’ve lost weight?

3. You look at other people’s bikes with either disdain or envy

Either they have something you want for your bike, or their ride isn’t nearly as cool as yours. There really aren’t any other options.

4. Your family is sick of hearing about your last brick workout

If they haven’t told you to shut up about that amazing 70 km bike and the 15 km run in which you nailed down your nutrition and race pace … well, you need to go and remind them about it again!

5. You warn people you’ll be in the shower for a long time because you have to shave your legs

Especially true for guys. It takes us a while to figure it out. Smooth legs send a clear message … not only are you a triathlete. You’re a serious triathlete.

6. You don’t recognize any of your friends in street clothes

Everyone you hang out with is a training partner. Lycra, swimsuits … that’s the norm. Jeans? Exactly. “Who are you?”

7. You only train on days that end with “Y”

Family members and work mates need to be able to say that every time they talk to you, you’ve just finished a workout, right?