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2017 Holiday gift guide: Loveable lids

Three helmets that would make great gifts for the triathlete in your life this holiday season

When it comes to gift giving, it’s hard to go wrong with a new helmet – you’re telling your favourite triathlete that you want to make sure they come back safely from their next training ride. Here are some hot options as gifts this holiday season.

Oakley AR07 — $665

It comes as no surprise that once sunglass giant Oakley decided to get into cycling helmets, they’d do it in style. The AR07 certainly lives up to that expectation. Aero enough to be Jan Frodeno’s choice in Kona, the compact design provides a snug fit and has minimal padding – the end result is a smaller helmet that will cut through the wind that much faster. Keeping with that “compact” theme, the BOA dial retention system used to keep the helmet on is really thin and comfortable. Ventilation comes from generous vents along the sides. Of course, with its extensive eyewear background, Oakley fits the AR07 with an aerodynamic visor that comes with a couple of lenses (one clear and one Prizm) attached by magnets so they’re easy to get on and off. You can also turn the visor around easily and get it away from your eyes at the end of your ride. There’s a magnetic buckle that will save you a few seconds in transition and the AR07 uses MIPS technology for added protection.

Mavic Cosmic Pro — $199

Weighing just 230 g, the Cosmic Pro offers lots of ventilation and protection, but you’ll hardly even notice it on your head. The Live Fit memory foam adjusts to the shape of your head and the Ergo Hold SL Retention System dials in the perfect fit, ensuring this helmet will be comfortable for even the longest rides.

Lazer Bullet — $320; $350 MIPS

For those looking for the best of both worlds – aerodynamics while keeping cool – the Bullet is a great option. The sliding vent on the top takes this aero helmet to the next level – slide it down for maximal aerodynamics or slide it up when the heat is getting to be too much. Available with MIPS for added protection, the ratchet dial fit system ensures this is one of the most comfortable aero options for triathletes and cyclists.