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18 Photos from Ironman Canada that will make you want to race in Whistler next year

Ironman Canada is an event that should be added to any Canadian triathlete’s bucket list. Between it’s rich history as one of the brand’s original events, its stunning scenery at a new Whistler venue and a great race day atmosphere, it’s the perfect mid-summer long distance race and worth the travel if you aren’t on the west coast. This year, Ironman also added 70.3 Canada, giving triathletes a second option to take part in the race weekend. TMC contributor Luke Yates was on site at this past weekend’s race and captured these images to showcase Whistler’s beauty and the race’s unique, Canadian charm. You may not be planning next year’s race calendar yet but if a full of half distance race is in your future, consider staying in the country and heading to Ironman and Ironman 70.3 Canada.

Our full recap of this year’s race plus a video from men’s winner Andy Potts can be found here.