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10 things you’ll inevitably have to explain to your non-triathlon partner

What you need to explain to the saint you're dating who doesn't know about swim, bike and run addiction

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If, by some miracle, you’re in a relationship with someone who isn’t a triathlete (yeah, what are the chances of that?), at some point you’re going to have to provide them with a few insights on what they are getting themselves into. So, while you’ve maybe been able to hide just how much of your life is sucked up by swimming, biking and running through the initial stages of the relationship, it’s time to provide some insight on what life will really be like. Here are a few of the things you should explain:

Weekends are dedicated to training

OK, not the entire weekend. There’s some time between 6 and 9 pm on Saturday and Sunday night. Saturday’s long ride, though, tends to leave us triathletes pretty whipped, so the Saturday date time needs to be pretty mellow. (Actually, ideally it includes food, too – see below). Sunday’s Brick workout and swim are equally as tiring, so an early dinner and bed seem like a good plan that night, too.

Bike, wetsuit and running shoes come on all trips

What’s the point of heading to a beautiful cottage for the weekend if I can’t enjoy the roads and get some open water swimming done?

I eat … a lot

I have a very simple eating program – it’s called the “see food” diet. Everything I see, I eat.

Gear takes up all available space …

In my apartment, your car when we’re going somewhere and any other storage areas I have access to. (That reminds me – I need to pick up my road bike that’s been sitting at the bike store for a few weeks.)

Holidays will always be for races or training

There is a definite upside to this, though – they usually hold triathlons in beautiful spots! Nice, anyone? Or, if I truly achieve my dreams, Kona?

Please don’t make me choose between you and triathlon …

Of course you are important to me! Here’s an idea – if you want to spend more quality time with me, why don’t you start training for a sprint?

On that note … be prepared for lots of fitness-oriented gifts

It is just so much easier to get gifts while I’m at the bike or running store! Other than the grocery store, those are really the only places I shop.

Don’t expect prompt replies when I am out training

Yes, I know that the insanely expensive watch and bike computer I have shows texts as they come in, but when I am out training I am pretty much dialled in to my power numbers or pace. And, when I stop, I really have to eat (see above), so there’s not much time there to respond to a text, either.

When we get together with my friends, we’ll pretty much only talk about training

But I’m sure you’ll soon become fascinated with how much my FTP has improved this season, and how close to the podium we all finished at that last race!

Believe it or not, you want me to do all this training

Even I don’t like myself when I miss a workout.

Parts of this story appeared on cyclingmagazine.ca