La stratégie “Sleep Low, Train Low, Train High”

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“Sleep Low, Train Low, Train High,” est donc très intéressante puisqu’elle permet d’améliorer sa capacité à brûler ses réserves de gras, sans toutefois affecter sa performance lors des entraînements de qualité et durant les compétitions.

Training your body to deal with lactic acid

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The benefit of float intervals is that they help train your body to deal with the lactic acid that builds up during a harder effort. They are also a great way to work on your pacing.

Kirsten Sweetland’s four week sprint distance training plan

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Kirsten Sweetland’s advanced four-week training plan for the sprint distance.

Swim workouts for a half-Ironman

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Before you begin training for a half-Ironman (70.3), take note of the swim distance. A 70.3 race typically covers 1.9K of open water swimming, which is only 400m longer than a standard Olympic triathlon. […]

Bike workout: Increase aerobic power

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When spring rolls around and race season is looming, triathletes will be looking to find more of their high-end aerobic fitness. For a time-crunched triathlete, fitting in the volume required to maintain durability throughout […]

How to recover from your first (long) long run

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Here are five post-run recovery tips

How to become an efficient swimmer

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How often do you hear triathletes say that kicking isn’t important in the swim? Though there may be some truth to that, an efficient kick will you make you more efficient.

Angela Naeth’s battle with Lyme Disease and return to racing

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Following Naeth’s eighth-place finish at Kona, symptoms of Lyme Disease returned. Forced to adjust her approach, Naeth has learned a lot about mindset and her approach.

5 tips to improve your 5K and 10K run times off the bike

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— by Kirsten Sweetland Running fast off the bike is a tough skill to master. If you haven’t experienced it, imagine running a road race after someone poured concrete inside your legs. It’s a […]

Is heart rate training still relevant?

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Have new training metrics eclipsed the old means of gathering information, such as heart rate, thereby rendering their use a time-wasting exercise?