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Healthy post-workout stews


ThinkstockPhotos-481604998When cooler weather arrives, the food that we choose to fuel our workouts changes. Crisp, chilled salads of summers are retired and hot soups and stews take their spot. Nothing beats recovering from a tough outdoor workout and coming in to a full bowl of nutritious stew. These recipes feature the best tastes of fall while keeping things healthy.

Rustic slow cooker chicken stew: Don’t have a bunch of time to cook in the evening? Whip the slow cooker out and set aside a little while to prep these ingredients. Triathletes who are always on the go will appreciate coming home to the mouth-watering aroma that this stew produces. Plus, cooking slow cook meals means there’s no excuse for missing the workout.

Indian spiced stew: Ginger, tumeric and coriander are healthy herbs that all have benefits on their own. Add the chicken and potatoes and you’ve got a stew substantial enough to satisfy the appetites of a family of hungry triathletes.

Tomato basil chicken stew: Basil-heavy summer salads can be replaced with an Italian stew like this one. Be generous with the herb for a sharper taste (who doesn’t love basil?). This is also a healthier alternative when craving the flavours of your favourite pasta dish.

Vegan hearth stew: This vegan recipe is so hearty you won’t even miss the meat. It looks like a long list of ingredients but this one is not complicated to make. Because it’s meatless, it also keeps well. Loaded with healthy ingredients, triathletes can have as many bowls as they like. This is sure to become a favourite, especially since everyone can eat it.

Irish beef stew: To make this one healthier, forgo the Guinness. Keep it in if you’re willing to allow a little indulgence after a long ride or run. Irish beef stews are packed with vitamins and give a generous dosage of fresh root vegetables. This one is sure to give you the power you need to go hard later.