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Test yourself with our Canada Triathlon Trivia contest

To celebrate Canada Day, we're doing a week of Canadian triathlon trivia. Are you a worthy triathlon historian?

Photo by: Kevin Mackinnon

With Canada Day coming up, we thought it would be fun to challenge our readers’ memories when it comes to Canada’s triathlon achievements. Today we’ll focus on the event that’s considered to be the race that put triathlon on the map – the Ironman World Championship. (Tomorrow we’ll focus on the ITU World Championship, so get studying!)

Give yourself a point for every question you answer correctly and two points for reach of the bonus questions you get. The prize? If you can score 17 points you get to send us your own trivia questions and we’ll post them on Friday!

1) Who was the first Canadian to win the Ironman World Championship?

Bonus1: What year did that happen?

Bonus2: Who finished second to her both years?


2) Name two Canadian women who won in Kona during the 1990s.

Bonus: What other years did they finish on the podium in Kona?


3) Who was the first Canadian man to win the Ironman World Championship?

Bonus1: What years did he win?

Bonus2: What years did he finish on the podium (other than his wins)?


4) In 1992 this athlete finished second in Kona, but never appeared on the NBC coverage. Who was it and why?


5) This athlete made her Kona debut in 2007 and finished on the podium. Who was it and what place did she finish?

Bonus: How did she qualify for the Ironman World Championship if she hadn’t done a full-distance race?

Click here for the answers.

Did you get a perfect score? Close? Feel free to send your own Triathlon Trivia questions to kevin@triathlonmagazine.ca.