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Lance Armstrong DNFs Beer Mile

Once the owner of seven Tour de France titles, Lance Armstrong has taken a new direction in sports, recently competing in a beer mile.

Armstrong, who lives in Austin, Tx., where the upcoming inaugural world championship beer mile will be held, jumped in a race in the city, though he failed to finish the four-lap event, instead opting to chug a single beer and run a single lap.

After the lap Armstrong told others at the finish it was “not what [he] expected.”

The event was filmed by filmed by FloTrack who will also be hosting the world championship event in a few weeks. The race featured a mixed-bag of former collegiate stars and masters-aged athletes.

Toronto’s Seanna Robinson will be racing the upcoming championship. Once the women’s world record holder in the event, she wrote about her time as a collegiate athlete running the beer mile earlier this year for our sister publication Canadian Running.

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