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Dominika Jamnicky and Emy Legault finish fifth and sixth at Pan Am Games

Two Mexican athletes finish on the podium in Chile

Photo by: World Triathlon/ Wagner Araujo

Mexico’s Lizeth Rueda Santos took gold at the Pan Am Games triathlon today ahead of Columbia’s Maria Velasquez Soto and countrywoman Rosa Tapia Viadal. Canadian’s Dominika Jamnicky finished fifth, a spot ahead of countrywoman Emy Legault, while Erika Ackerland was the top American with her seventh-place finish.

Santos and Brazil’s Vitoria Lopes were first out of the water, but a lead group of 13 riders quickly formed on the bike. Jamnicky was able to bridge up to the group after trailing out of the water by over a minute, becoming part of a 16-woman group that hit T2 together.

There was no touching Rueda Santos, who pushed the pace and spread the field out as she pulled clear on the run for a clear victory.

“I have had a phenomenal year,” said Jamnicky. “I couldn’t be happier with the results that I have put out. Graduating from chiropractic school was a four-year triumph and celebration, and now I just look forward to focusing on Paris next year and not only qualifying Canada a berth, but also a spot for myself. This is just the beginning.”

“I tried to give it a go and run for the medals, but after a lap I realized it was just too fast for me so I tried to hold on as much as I could,” said Legault.“When Domi joined me, we ran the middle 5K together which was good – we pushed each other. On that last lap, I exploded a little bit. Sixth place, at my first Pan Am Games, I’m happy!”

  1. Lizeth Rueda Santos (MEX), 1:57:07
  2. Maria Carolina Velasquez Soto (COL), 1:57:28
  3. Rosa Maria Tapia Vidal (MEX), 1:57:52
  4. Erica Hawley (BER), 1:58:18
  5. Dominka Jamnicky (CAN), 1:58:33
  6. Emy Legault (CAN), 1:58:53
  7. Erika Ackerlund (USA). 1:58:58

Canadian Desirae Ridenour dropped out of the race on the second lap of the bike. American Gina Sereno finished 12th.

You can find full results here.