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Post-long ride father’s day brunch recipes

There’s nothing better than coming home after a long ride to a great meal. Here are a few healthy brunch recipes to try this weekend.

Artichoke, goat cheese and potato omelet : This vegetarian recipe is quick to make and is ThinkstockPhotos-178876366 loaded with vitamins and protein to kick start your recovery.

Zucchini and rosemary frittata with parmesan: A no hassle and quick recipe that’s super easy to make and full of flavour. It’s a great lighter recipe that won’t weigh you down.

Potato crusted spinach quiche: The potato crust is a much lighter alternative to the usual flour and butter, cutting the fat and the calorie levels.ThinkstockPhotos-84521742

Egg and sausage casserole: This dish is easy to make, and you can make it the night before so you can save time in the morning.

ThinkstockPhotos-174482688Multi-Grain Waffles: A guilt-free alternative to the traditional high carb breakfast, but just as tasty.

Grilled apricots:  Loaded with protein, fibre, and healthy fat and tasty enough to double as a great healthy dessert.

Kiwi parfait: quick and easy to make and is loaded with all the nutrients you want post-workout.ThinkstockPhotos-461895119

Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins: A healthier twist on the classic blueberry muffin without sacrificing the taste.