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Five granola bars with under five ingredients

We've rounded up five great granola bar recipes that you can make with less than five ingredients.

Raw Organic Granola Bars
1) Healthy 5-ingredient granola bars

This recipe is from a blog called the Minimalist Baker, which is all about delicious recipes made out of just a few simple ingredients. These bars are naturally sweetened with dates and honey and are easily gluten free. They are also n0-bake, which means you don’t have to sweat over an oven if temperatures are high.

2) Healthy peanut butter granola bars

These bars are perfect for any runner with a peanut butter addiction. These bars can be baked, or refrigerated to solidify them, depending on your preference.

3) Steel-cut granola bars

Steel-cut oats, also known as Irish oats, are the least processed of the oatmeal family. They are simply oat groats cut into chunks. They make for a slightly crunchier bite than traditional rolled oats. The author of this recipe uses dried cranberries as garnish for the top of the bars, but any dried fruit, sliced nuts or seeds would work just fine.

4) Quinoa granola bars

Many homemade granola bars are sweetened with dates, but this recipe uses dried figs for a different flavour of sweetness. The bulk of this recipe is made of quinoa flakes (gluten-free), which are just made from pressed quinoa.

5) Coconut almond bars

These bars are gluten-free with coconut, almonds and cashews for crunch. The author says they are inspired by the Kind bars that one can buy in stores, but a less-expensive DIY version.