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Avocado Omlette

This omelette is fast and easy to make and packed with protein to aid recovery.


–          3 eggs

–          ¼ cup of skim milk cheddar cheese

–          1 small tomato

–          ½ of an Avocado

–          Dash of sea salt

–          1/8 cup of milk

Method of Preparation:

–          Beat the eggs in a bowl add the milk and cheese in the eggs. Place in a frying pan on med heat with a little butter to help with the no sticking. As the eggs cook check the bottom buy lifting the edges. If it is light golden brown add the tomatoes and avocado to the top cover the pan with a lid for a few minutes tell the top of the eggs have firmed up. Remove from frying pan and then enjoy or if you want to save on time and dishes eat directly from the pan! Be careful not to burn yourself with this procedure.

What: Omelette

When: Within 90 minutes after a morning long ride or run, 2 hour prior to a second afternoon training session.

Why: This omelette is fast and easy to make and packed with protein to aid recovery.  It’s easy to digest prior to that second afternoon training session, yet keeps you fuelled for a long time.

Power Potatoes and Belgium Rice Cake

From Bjoern Ossenbrink

Power Potatoes


–          Potatoes

–          Olive Oil

–          Parmesan Cheese

–           Salt

Method of Preparation:

Boil potatoes for 10 to 15 minutes. Strain the potatoes and rinse with cold water. When cool, peel potatoes by hand. Place peeled potatoes in pan. Sprinkle moderate amount of salt in the entire pan. Pour olive oil on top of the potatoes and grate parmesan cheese on top the potatoes. Press the leftover salty, oily, cheesy paste on the potatoes. Wrap tightly in aluminum foil (easy to open, easy to hold). Ride. Eat.

What: Power Potatoes

When: After a long ride, or within the last one or two hours of a long ride.

Why: The boiled potatoes are very easy to digest. Due to the high glycemic index of the potatoes, the blood sugar will increase rapidly and another couple hours of riding or a long brick run will be no problem. The salty crust out of olive oil, cheese and salt adds an extra little bit of electrolytes and carbs for refueling.

Belgium Rice Cake


–          1 cup cooked Risotto

–          3 scrambled eggs in olive oil

–          Fried prosciutto or bacon

–          Balsamic vinegar

–          Liquid Aminos Protein Concentrate

–          Sugar

Method of preparation

Mix everything in large bowl. Place in a baking pan and press it evenly into the pan. Sprinkle sugar over top to create a glaze. Cut into small square pieces5. Wrap pieces in aluminum foil.

What: The Belgium Rice Cake

When: Before PowerBar revolutionized the world of performance nutrition, these used to be my first choice of “energy bars” during long training rides or races.

Why: The rice cake has a great taste. It adds a different flavour to the regular energy bar choices. The ingredients are easy to digest while exercising and provide a great source of carbs for refueling and protein for rebuilding. The rice cake provides carbohydrates, protein and sodium.

Mark Overton has been involved in triathlon and endurance sport as a coach and athlete for 18 years. Mark’s omelettes became legend at the LifeSport camps.

Bjoern has been coaching endurance sport and speed sport athletes for over 15 years. A former national team cyclist for Germany and competitive swimmer, he has a Masters degree in Exercise Science.