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Counting back to Kona 2010: Macca Unplugged

Chris McCormack had come off the bike thinking that he was going to win the race.

Pull buoys, pull buoys: Developing Swim Power

Power in the water is just as critical as on the bike.

Video Interview with Simon Whitfield

Triathlon Magazine Canada editor Kevin Mackinnon catches up with two time Olympic medalist Simon Whitfield at the Toronto Triathlon Festival

Nutrition Tips to Hasten Healing

Nutrition tips for healing.

Craig Alexander

Can Crowie Conquer Kona… Again? You bet.

Beginner’s Edge – Entry Level Kit

This year’s new entry-level triathlon gear is lighter, faster and more durable than ever.

Transition Time, break it down

The transition between swim, bike and run can be one of the biggest challenges.

Shimano TR 31

Easy rider, Shimano TR 31

Pearl Izumi E:Motion TRI N1

This shoe looks as fast as it performs.

The Strathmore Women’s Triathlon

The Strathmore Women’s Triathlon. More than a race