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XTERRA Launches New Race in Quebec

The swim start at the 2013 XTERRA World Championship
The swim start at the 2013 XTERRA World Championship

XTERRA expands its off-road tri series to Quebec. The inaugural race will take place at  Lac Delage for on 28-31 August. “Lac Delage was chosen to host the event as it delivers world-class trails and clean water, and is located just 20 minutes from downtown,” said race co-organizer Alain Deraspe. “Rare are the cities on nature’s very doorstep, where urban living melds seamlessly with outdoor enjoyment. Quebec City, much to the delight of sports people and visitors, is one of them.”

The XTERRA Quebec Festival will also offer swimming and trail running events, hiking, mountain biking, games for young children, and initiation clinics which focus on each of the three different multisport disciplines.

The main event is on 31 August and will award 15 qualifying spots into XTERRA Worlds in Maui, for the top finishers in each division.

“Within minutes of the historic district of Quebec City are mountains, lakes, rivers, and much more. Right in the heart of the city are the Plains of Abraham, an immense urban park where people love to bike, picnic, inline skate, or simply relax and enjoy the outdoors,” said Deraspe, who added that “Quebec City is the most European city in North America.”

XTERRA is a labour of love for Deraspe and fellow organizer Michel Ferland. To optimise the athlete experience, the pair of race organisers joined forces with experienced cyclist and trail builder Gabriel Marceau to add single track trails to the established route just for the XTERRA event.

“Gabriel Marceau is responsible for the bike course and trail development, and also for the organization and management of the race,” explained Deraspe. “The 6K mountain bike loop includes a portion of existing trails, about 2K of forest trails and 2K of single track. We have created an additional 2K of single track strictly for the event.”

Deraspe continued, “Our loop is already well under way and 90% complete. We will spend the summer improving it to make it impeccable. We have access to all required tools, labour and machinery. It will be possible to create something spectacular by including bridges and additional structures depending on how well we will have budgeted for this first event, but know that we are targeting growth.

“We are looking to please and progressively amaze even the most demanding cyclists.”

For more info: www.xterraquebec.ca