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World champion Jan Frodeno previews new Ironman Hamburg

The world champion made a surprise trip to Hamburg to preview the city's highly anticipated new triathlon - Ironman Hamburg debuting this summer.

Double Ironman world champion Jan Frodeno made a quick trip to Hamburg this weekend for the unveiling of the new Ironman Hamburg race which debuts in August this summer. Frodeno was part of an Ironman media day to promote the race on home soil and get the locals excited with a run along the water and a Q&A session. Ironman Hamburg is one of the most anticipated new races on the long course circuit because of the city’s strong history with triathlon and the success of WTS Hamburg which boasts the largest number of participants at a triathlon in the world.

Frodeno revealed that the course finish line is in the same spot as the ITU race — “a venetian gallery” lined with crowds of cheering spectators, and noted that he expects there will be the same level of city-wide enthusiasm for the event that Hamburg endurance racesĀ are used to.

The world champion, who won’t be racing Hamburg this year due to the race’s close date to Kona, says he looks forward “to testing it out one day” and thinks “it could be a really fast course.”

Frodeno also touched on his own training and race prep in the live video he filmed with Ironman Europe at the media event and indicated that things were going well for him as this is the first winter he hasn’t been injured, that he hasn’t ruled out setting another world record at the upcoming Ironman Austria this year and that Kona — and another world title — is indeed his goal for 2017.

You can still register for Ironman Hamburg here.