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Vancouver bike shop owner, Paul Dragan, shot

reckless bikes
On Tuesday, Paul Dragan, the owner of the Reckless Bike Stores chain was shot in the abdomen. The 52-year-old, former triathlete had left his Vancouver bike shop to run across the street for a coffee.

The shooter then fled by bike. When he arrived at Science World, there was an exchanged of gun fire with police. One officer was injured, and so was the shooter.

The Globe and Mail reports that the shooter is a 61-year-old man, who is now in hospital. Dragan was also taken by paramedics after they administered CPR.

Dragan is a fixture of the Vancouver cycling community. The Globe writes:

Jack Becker, who co-founded a small cycling consulting firm along with Mr. Dragan, said the cyclist lived in Nova Scotia before moving to Europe in the 1970s for several years to be a bicycle racer. Since arriving in Vancouver, Mr. Dragan has sat on various municipal boards and helped to stage a global cycling conference in 2012. He has a son who is 11- or 12-years-old, said Mr. Becker.

Dragan and his Reckless Bike staff also operate a van that offers mechanical support at charity rides in the area.

In the Vancouver Province, Simon Coutts, owner of Simon’s Bike Shop in downtown Vancouver, described Dragan:

“He’s a good friend of mine,” said Coutts. “Paul has been in the bike business as long as I have.

“He’s a nice guy, a very hard worker. He’s probably at his stores six or seven days a week….Paul used to do triathlons and he’s an avid cyclist, very generous in the cycling community,” Coutts said. “Our prayers are with him.”