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TriDot becomes “the official training platform of Ironman”

Ironman announces new official training and swim training programs

Photo by: Kevin Mackinnon

As a sign that it’s looking to take on training plan behemoth Training Peaks, TriDot and Ironman have just announced a multi-year partnership that will make it the the “official training platform of Ironman.”

TriDot’s “software-as-a-service platform” uses “athlete biometrics, training data, and coach inputs along with its own proprietary dataset, artificial intelligence, and other advanced analytics to optimize training for each individual athlete,” according to a release from the two companies today.

“We are continuously looking into new ways to enhance our athlete’s journey and training experience, and we are excited to find a partner in TriDot who is a proven industry leader in training technology that benefits both coaches and athletes,” said Andrew Messick, President and CEO for The Ironman Group. “Through the tools and resources available, this partnership will help allow our athletes take the guess work out of race preparation so that they can have the successful and rewarding race day they deserve.”

Some big-name Ironman pros and coaches are associated with TriDot, including Mark Allen, Michellie Jones, Tim O’Donnell and Mirinda Carfare.

The TriDot Pool School (TPS) also becomes the “official swim training program of Ironman.”