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The Canadians finish fourth at the Nottingham World Triathlon Mixed Relay

Due to the constant rain, the World Triathlon Mixed Relay event in Nottingham, UK, was forced to adopt a duathlon format. The high levels of rainfall worsed the conditions in the River Trent, so for the first time in its history, a run-bike-run format was used. Team Great Britain was victorious, with Switzerland and France following in second and third. Team Canada finished just off the podium in fourth.

The racing in Nottingham was fast and furious, but the third leg proved to be the most decisive. Great Britain’s Sophie Coldwell secured the lead for her team, and Alex Yee locked up the win. Behind them, it was a battle between the Swiss and France for the final two podium positions. And behind them, it was between Itlay, Canada and Germany heading into the last leg of the race.

Mixed Relay Podium (L-R) SUI, GBR, FRA

Adrien Brifford (SUI) used the final run leg to secure silver for the Swiss, while Pierre Le Corre managed to keep the third place for the French after a difficult transition zone. Canada’s Alexis Lepage had a fantastic final lap, running himself and Canada into fourth place. The German’s finished fifth.

Team Canada Members

  • Joanna Brown, Michael Lori, Amelie Kretz and Alexis Lepage