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Pro Profile: Getting to Know Sarah-Anne Brault

Year of Birth: 1989Sarah-Ann
Height: 171
Coach: Jamie Turner
Education: What’s West Virginia University (Finance and Economics)

Taylor Reid: What distance in triathlon do you compete in?
Sarah-Anne Brault: Olympic Distance and sprint

TR: Where are you from?
SB: Québec, Canada

TR: What have been your top race results?
SB: Auckland WTS 4th (2014) 9th (2015)

TR: How did you start racing triathlon a professional?
SB: After university, I had to opportunity to go train under Jamie Turner in Spain for the summer in 2014 and race a little bit. I always knew I wanted to give triathlons a shot, and that was my opportunity to do this full time.

TR: What was your first Triathlon Race?
SB: St-Malo Triathlon, kids of steel when I was 9 or so, and then Junior Elite Series when I was 16 there was my first draft legal race.

TR: Who are your supporters?
SB: Swift, Nineteen, Spiuk, Project

TR: What is your favorite Colour?
SB: Gold

TR: What is your favorite song to listen to when training?
SB: I usually have training partners 🙂

TR: If you could have one super power what would it be?
SB: I’d read people’s minds