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Pro Profile: Dominika Jamnicky

Dominika 1Dominika Jamnicky had a solid year in 2015, with several top-20 finishes including at the CAMTRI Triathlon American Cup and the ITU Triathlon World Cup (elite). She earned our U23 Triathlete of the Year award and yesterday, she was listed as one of 10 athletes to receive nomination for Triathlon Ontario’s Quest for Gold athlete assistance program. Fellow pro Taylor Reid interviews Jamnicky for this week’s Pro Profile.

Year of Birth: 1992
Height: 166cm
Coach: Craig Taylor

What distance in triathlon do you compete at?
Standard and Sprint draft-legal.

Where are you from?
I was born in Bedford Park, Australia and now reside in Guelph, Ontario.

Top Results:

  • 15th- 2015 WTS Edmonton (debut WTS)
  • 1st- 2014 Pan American Cup, Toronto
  • 12th- 2015 U23 elite World Championships
  • 15th- 2015 Huatulco World Cup
  • 16th- 2014 U23 Elite World Championships, Edmonton (3rd- U23 elite mixed relay world championships)

Education: Honours in a Bachelor of Science

How did you start racing triathlon as a professional?
I turned pro during my first year as a junior, six years ago.

What was your first race?
A Kids of Steel race in Cobourg, Ontario. I raced on a mountain bike and I loved every minute of it!

What is your favorite Colour?
Green! Although, I have been told I wear a lot of pink.

If you could go on a vacation anywhere in the world where would you go?
Tahiti or the Solomon Islands. Somewhere very secluded and quiet.

Where do you go to train in the winter?
Mostly Guelph but sometimes I sneak a few weeks here and there in Barbados or Florida.

What is you favorite ‘junk’ food?
I think I am winner of the worst sweet tooth. I love anything sweet!

Who is your superhero/heroine?
My mum! She’s been through it all and she is the number one person I confide in. As an Olympian, electrical engineer and mother she brings so much valuable experience and wisdom to the table. She’s helped shape me into the strong, young woman I am today.

Do you have any family members who compete in triathlon?
My younger brother Jacob is in his last year junior. I always have him to train with when I am home. Those days will not last too long as he much quicker than I am. He has a great work ethic and lots of dedication that will take him far.

List of social media:
Twitter: @DJamnicky
Instagram: DominikaJam

List of Sponsors:
Devinci Cycles
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