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Perfect your swimstroke with the new SwimFast Ergometer

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 11.08.42 AMCan’t get to the pool? KayakPro, official paddling ergometer supplier to the Olympics Games, has just announced SwimFast, the first swim-specific ergometer that can accurately replicate a swimmer’s experience in the water on dry land. KayakPro insists it is the ultimate swim training and coaching tool for swimmers seeking feedback on their stroke and for training sessions when it’s not possible to get in the pool. The highly adjustable machine accommodates every swimmer’s power, position and specific body shape and size. SwimFast boasts the following  benefits:

* Patented internal mechanics makes left and right hand resistance equal.

* An adjustable rotational bench mimics the natural body movement of swimming.

* The patented airbrake flywheel has a positive catch and zero time lag at stroke initiation for smooth action and maximum training benefit through the swimmer’s full stroke.

* Variable resistance gearing lets the swimmer set the trainer for his or her strength.

* A forehead support keeps the swimmer’s head in a natural, neutral position.

* SwimFast can be integrated with the Halo Trainer template, to establish the essential high elbow catch and vertical forearm stroke.

* The adjustable contoured bench and leg support can accommodate any body, for a comfortable, natural and precise fit.

* SwimFast is compact: it sets up and collapses in less than a minute, small enough to store upright in a closet or cupboard.

Simon Whitfield calls SwimFast “an essential machine to improve your swimming, whether you’re working on your stroke, your catch, high elbow entry or when you just need a solid cardio workout.”

Like KayakPro’s other award winning ergs, SwimFast lets athletes track performance, from calories burned to power generated, intervals, length of session, splits, heart rate and more through the erg’s console and connected ANT+ devices.


From more info visit : www.kayakpro.com