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Marvelous Mulberry Recipes

You know that tree you have in your yard with the berries look like a cross between blackberries and raspberries? They’re likely mulberries, and if you’re not picking them and eating them, you’re missing out (but please double check that they’re actually mulberries before you eat them).

Here are some mulberry recipes for seasonal snacking inspiration.

1) muffinsMulberry muffins

These mulberry muffins are egg-less and moist with fresh berry goodness. The recipe author offers an interesting tip: squishing a few of the mulberries for a purple muffin colour.

mull22) Peach mulberry cake

This summery cake is gluten-free and easily adapted to dairy-free.



3) Goji and mulberry ice cream

This raw vegan ice cream is a naturally sweet frozen treat. Plus, it take about five minutes to prepare.

4) Whole wheat mulberry pancakes

We’re always on the hunt for unique pancakes recipes because who doesn’t love pancakes?

5) Mulberry lemon yogurt tartmull pancake

Dressed up like a dessert, this recipe is actually super healthy.


mffins6) Mulberry polenta muffins

This recipe’s author notes that the batter rises a significant amount, so be careful when filling muffin cups.



7) Tomato mulberry saladmulsalad

I guess this is technically a “fruit salad” recipe, but I still have trouble wrapping my head around the idea of tomato as a fruit.

8) Mulberry yogurt parfait

This recipe includes a couple teaspoons of mascarpone cheese for extra creaminess.

9) Ginger-wheat mulberry muffins

Ginger is a personal favourite flavour of mine, so I’m falling hard for this recipe, which includes not only ground ginger, but also crystallized ginger.


10) Wild mulberry and celery smoothie

A super simple way to start the morning with a dose of fruit and veggies.