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Major Heist of Scott Bikes From Company Warehouse

scott bikeThieves stole over US$1 million in Scott bikes over the weekend from Scott’s headquarters in Givisiez, Switzerland. The thieves gained access to the company’s warehouse despite an active alarm system and numerous protective measures, and did so without attracting attention. Most of the bikes stolen were expensive Model Year 2014 road and mountain bikes as well as several Model Year 2015 samples that haven’t even made it market yet. If that wasn’t enough, they also stole a company truck from a neighbouring retailer in order to transport the bikes without detection.

The perpetrators stole about 200 bikes with an average retail value  US $4,990. This is a major financial setback for Scott Sports SA with damages amounting to almost 1 million Swiss Francs. Sadly, Scott is the latest victim in a series of burglaries that have affected Swiss bike manufacturers and retailers during the past few months.

“It is a sad truth that the bicycling industry, be it retailers, manufacturers or professional teams, have been victim of recurrent, severe burglaries causing extensive financial damage during the past few years,” said Pascal Ducrot, Vice President of Scott Sports.