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Lauren Barnett suing supplement company after positive Ostarine test

Barnett is suing Texas-based Classified Nutrition after the unintentional consumption of ostarine on a contaminated salt tablet made by the company caused her to fail a drug test

In February 2017, American pro triathlete and multi-Ironman 70.3 winner Lauren Barnett announced that she had accepted a six month ban after testing positive for banned substance ostarine in a random test. She was able to prove with three separate lab tested samples that the substance was found on a salt tablet (not listed in the product’s ingredients) that she consumed at a July 2016 race in Wisconsin, and that her consumption was unintentional. The salt tablets were Classified Nutrition’s Neurolytes, which she bought in 2015.

According to Dallas News, Barnett is suing Classified Nutrition, saying that it cost her an Ironman title.

Classified Nutrition declined to comment on the lawsuit and or state whether it still produces and sells the product. However, Neurolytes is not currently listed on its website.

Ostarine,  a SARM that promotes muscle growth,  is banned by three major anti-doping organizations.

USADA said in a warning earlier this year that Classified Nutrition was added to its high-risk list, along with two other companies, due to “numerous recent positive anti-doping tests.”