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DQ’d IM 70.3 Syracuse athlete Kristen Johnson provides statement

Kristen Johnson has responded to the various stories posted about her disqualification at Ironman 70.3 Syracuse last weekend, which Triathlon Magazine Canada reported earlier this week.

Ironman provided the following details about the disqualification:

The athlete was indeed DQ’d under the following rule:

3.03: Section 3.03 Disqualification – (b) A red card may be issued to an athlete for severe rule violations including, but not limited to, repeated rule violations, disregard for directives given by Race Referees or Race Officials, or dangerous or unsportsmanlike conduct

Johnson offered this statement earlier today:

I was under so much pressure to perform, and I made a wrong decision, and am sincerely sorry of my actions. I don’t know why I did it, and I cannot even believe I did it. I am not a horrible person, just someone that made an impulsive, bad decision, and I know that I need some  serious help.

Please note that I have been accepted to an mental health facility to to be treated for an eating disorder beginning tomorrow. This incident has made me realize how much help I need, despite being an accomplished athlete. I have been hiding with this illness for a long time, and although it is no excuse for my actions, I do believe it is one of the reasons why I can’t make good decisions. I do not expect to return to the sport anytime soon, although I do hope that with evidence of treatment and recovery, I will be one day race again.

With sincere regret,